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Delta is a shadow and a memory. The last remnant of something long gone.

Delta is not of this world. She is not even of this reality. The world Delta comes from is much like the one she now finds herself in. A world of wonder where men and women have incredible super powers. The key difference, however, is magic.

In special agent Delta Knight’s world, real magic didn’t exist until it arrived on the heels of The Forgotten, refugees from a third reality where magic permeated every aspect of life. The Forgotten brought magic to a new world. But with it came chaos and change. Many battles were fought. Some won and some lost. There were times of peace and times of war. And Delta, assigned to head up the Metahuman Affairs Department, was there throughout it all. She fought with alongside the heroes of her world and the forgotten to battle many enemies.

Until the final battle came.

When a being of unimaginable magical power was unleashed, the heroes and villains of the world united to fight one last time. In the final battle against the forces of evil, many great heroes were lost, including the greatest of them all. The man known only as Kane.

Kane’s sword had the amazing ability to grant it’s wielder wishes. But only when that wielder was desperate.. When Kane fell in the final battle to save reality, Delta found his sword.

Despite a valiant effort, the battle was ultimately lost. As the universe crumbled around her, Delta made a wish she would come to regret. In her panic, she wished to survive. Not to save her reality. Only herself.

The sword of Kane complied.

Delta awoke to find herself in a new world. But it was not her own. Many things were the same but many things were different. But Delta noticed one thing above all others. Magic existed here. It had existed for as long as the world.

Delta knew she had missed the chance to save her own world. But she could save this one. Magic had destroyed her reality. She would not allow it to do the same here.

She would rid this world of magic. By any means necessary.




True story. Before this interconnecting web of character’s I’ve been making here. I made Delta and her world and populated it with a bunch of character. But I moved away from that and started again with Dragonfly, Shaman, Magenta and Apollo, whose world would expand to include the almost three hundred characters I’ve been posting here.

But lately I started thinking about that world again. I couldn’t bring all of the characters from there so I decided to just bring one. I thought about bringing Kane over but that poor soul has suffered long enough already. It’s time to let him rest.

And so you have the tragic story of Delta Knight.

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