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Mr. Vaudeville

So, here we go…


Notes: This first hero, Paragon, was inspired by the real life case of a baby born some years ago in Germany with a defective Myostatin gene, which caused his muscles to develop to extraordinary size and essentially gave him super-strength. There’s also a young man from Michigan(?) with a similar condition.


Alias: Paragon
Legal Name: Chris Petrakis
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Greco-American
Occupation: Construction worker; Lab-rat; Superhero
Height: 6′ 4″
Body Type: Muscular, Powerful
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Type: Short, Wavy
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Olive
Species: Mutant

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Super strength, superhuman endurance/durability.
Details/Limitations: At least as strong as a dozen big men; able to punch through walls, bend metals, lift cars and other reasonably heavy objects. Invulnerable to most hand-to-hand combat and strikes from blunt melee weapons, and takes reduced damage from blades and bullets. His superhuman durability includes resistance to extreme temperature, though this does not include fire or extreme sub-zero temperatures.
Abilities/Skills: Boxing, Wrestling, Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, first aid, negotiation.
Costume: Fire/water/stab-resistant nano-fibre bodysuit and cowl; fire/bullet-proof nano-fibre cape; ‘rocket’ boots; strength enhancing utility belt.
Weapons: –
Gadgets/Tech: ‘Rocket’ boots allow him to perform superhuman leaps up to three stories high (and land safely); cowl/headgear contains communications equipment, including a multi-band frequency scanner/radio. Utility belt contains basic medical supplies and cable ties/handcuffs.
Physical Weaknesses: Must eat and drink prodigiously to support his mass and maintain energy levels; must regularly visit doctors and scientists to check for health concerns and side-effects of mutation.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Vulnerable to psychic attack.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Good humoured, jolly, modest, honest, brave.
Likes: Food, wine, women, justice.
Dislikes: Bullies, prejudice, misogyny, olives, journalists.
Habits/Quirks: Constantly eating, generally slow to anger, enjoys heavy drinking sessions, laughing and swapping jokes, but can be very serious and commanding when the situation calls. Would rather not engage in violence or intervene in a situation unless absolutely necessary, and even then dislikes public attention. Known to crush the occasional journalists camera between his hands like a soda can.
Fears: Mad Scientists, anaesthesia, telepaths.
Family: Parents (elderly first generation Greek immigrants), Eva Petrakis (sister).
Romantic Interests:
Allies: The Jetman, Mantis, The Magician, Overmind, Solara
Affiliations: International Freedom League, United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Apex Squad, Terran Defence Corps.
Rivals/Nemesis: –
Enemies: The Shadowguard, The Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn.


The son of Greek parents who immigrated to the east coast of North America, Chris was born with a rare genetic condition that altered the structure of his muscles, granting him a kind of super strength. For much of his youth, he was studied in laboratories and hospitals by various scientists and doctors trying to understand and replicate his condition, but his family life was unaffected and he grew up relatively normal and with relative anonymity, taking interest in fitness, boxing, and karate. The studies and tests continued into adulthood, however, searching for the potential side-effects and health problems that could be caused by his condition in later life.

As he grew into a tank of a young man he was quite intoverted, but made friends easily and developed a passion for intimate drinking sessions and bawdy humour, becoming more outgoing over time. He used his unusual strength to great effect working on construction sites and performing manual labour, although he was always careful to keep his full strength a secret. Fortunately for the world, his powers were revealed to the masses when he donned an improvised mask to intervene in the attempted daylight robbery of an armoured car; an event which received considerable media attention.

After initially turning down offers to join the U.S. military, the criminal Mutant Syndicate, the United States Sentinels, the Society of European Superheroes, and Apex Squad – among others – he slowly came to believe that fighting crime would be the best use of his abilities and began operating as a lone vigilante. When The Jetman later asked him to join the fledgling International Freedom League as a founding member, he agreed immediately – although at first he was hesitant to wear the costume designed for him, stating “It looks like a mascot for a cleaning product…”

Since then, Chris has fought crime and threats to humanity as Paragon, the pinnacle man, for the IFL, the USS, the SES, Apex Squad, and the Terran Defence Corps.

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