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Got stuck on the idea of doing something about the five senses so worked on some quick looks and this happened:

The 5 Senses

A team of government operatives and assassins. Each member of the team is technologically and physiologically enhanced. All of them possess enhanced durability/strength/stamina and accelerated reflexes/reaction time, but they have each specifically been altered in relation to one of their senses, granting them a unique powerset.


Sculpt (aka Johnny) – His skin has been replaced with a highly durable material, a nanotech mesh that vibrates at a harmonic quantum frequency allowing Johnny to “touch” the fabric of reality. In this state, everything he touches becomes malleable. He can reshape any material with his hands as if it was clay (steel, glass, flesh, etc.).

Sniff (aka Jean) – His enhanced olfactory system can detect even the most subtle traces of a scent in the air, allowing him to track people or unique materials across vast distances. He can also uses his abilities to scent emotions off of people, through chemical changes in their body.

Scope (aka Jon) – Greatly enhanced eyesight: telescopic vision, microscopic vision. He can see into the infrared and ultraviolet edges of the visual spectrum and at extreme focus can he begins to see several seconds into the future, allowing him to predict opponents’ moves.

Sonar (aka John) – His ears can detect the slightest vibrations in the air in his immediate vicinity. He can hear vocal and heartbeat modulations for interrogation purposes. His vocal chords have been enhanced to generate deep ultrasound, allowing him to map out any environment.

Savor (aka Jann) – Possesses psychometric-gustatory perception. He can taste neurological energy, allowing him to instantaneously consume the memories of his targets. He can also uses this ability for identifying purposes as every individual possesses a unique psychic “flavor”.

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