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I’m baaaaaaack!

Well technically I never actually went anywhere. I just haven’t been creating anything. But I finally stopped being indecisive and bought a new laptop. Unfortunately, after buying said laptop, I sat down to create something and found myself stumped.

Creative block is a bitch.

But after a while of getting nothing done, I decided to take a break from doing nothing and started playing DC Universe Online. Some of you already know I play that game and some of my favourite characters like Bad Dog and Screwball Lucy were born there. It has been a source of creativity for me in the past and fortunately it has been again.

My newest DCUO character is the bad ass sorceress, Midnight Enigma, who is rapidly making her way onto my list of favourite characters.

This design was pretty simple and I’ve used a lot of these elements before but here’s hoping it provides a catalyst to get me into creating regularly again.

Midnight Enigma

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