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Blue Blazer

Alias: Haze
Real Name: Brad Fenton
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: Change his body to be an intangible mist, capable of floating, moving in and out of tiny spaces
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Dynamos Special Operations
Other Aliases: The Phantom Fog
Status: active
Brad Fenton was a janitor and small-time thief at the Sphinx Foundation. He had secretly been stealing gadgets and formulas for months when he came across the X-13 pills. Usually not prone to use his stolen goods himself, Brad shoved them in his pocket and sold them later to the dark crime boss Paragon. But one of the pills remained in his pocket. It remained there until the following night. Brad got a fierce headache and found the pill. Thinking it was a pain reliever, he took it and walked outside into the foggy night. To his surprise, his body became composed of the same fog that was in the air, and he began to drift away. But before he could fly too high, he managed to revert back to human form. After a night of practicing, Brad found that he could control this newfound power.

He quit working at Sphinx and turned his attention solely to thievery, using his ability to easily sneak in and out of banks, office buildings, museums, etc. and bring out valuable items to sell. A security camera one night caught him drifting in and assuming his human form, but he was unrecognizable. The local newspaper dubbed him the Phantom Fog.

One night, Brad snuck into a laboratory where, unbeknownst to him, Dr. Jack Valley was working with his young daughter. Dr. Valley saw Brad moving around and called the police. Brad entered the room where the Valleys were hiding just as the police arrived. Not wanting to hurt anyone, Brad tried to calm down the frightened doctor, but the police thought he was trying to attack them, and opened fire. Just before the bullets would have impacted, Brad changed to mist, and the bullet flew harmlessly through him. However, it struck and killed Dr. Valley’s daughter. Horrified, Brad fled the scene and turned his life over.

He hoped to one day atone for the act that had led to the little girl’s death by becoming a superhero. However, he was caught and rendered powerless by a villainous group called the Champions of Evil, one of whose members was Siphon, a mutant with the ability to sap heroes of their powers.

Haze, as he now called himself, was later rescued and adopted by The Dynamos Special Forces Squad. His teammates do not know of his dark past, but they know something about Brad is a little off. He has a gruff, unapproachable personality, which finds him often at odds with fun-loving Flyweight.