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@HerrD- The page thing seems to happen when a thread gets past a certain number of pages. For me it’s 75 pages so I’ve never had it for Vengeance, it always happens on mine, AMS and Anarchangel’s pages. It’s a forum glitch from when the forums went down last year and had to be switched to a new server, we’ve never been able to fix it. I don’t do bands (on heromachine) because it’s not something that ever appealed to me. Making a full band performance shot would look very flat with standard poses and I’m not good enough to pull of the perspective and poses I’d want to make what I consider a “decent band picture”. As for album covers? That’s a really, really broad field and, like with band pictures, it’s not something that ever appealed to me. The heromachine style could work on an album cover, but the tool is very limited and I think the only person who could really do an album cover that would look professional enough would be DeliriousAl. I know I certainly would likely never be happy with one I made. I dunno. (Actually sounds like a good idea for a CDC, might mention it to djuby). As for the email, yeah I got it. TBH, I meant to email you back but something happened (I think I might have got the email right before I went to work) and then I completely forgot because so much other stuff happened before I could get round to it. Yeah, if you could send me it. Word will be fine. Cheers.