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@C Hero- As I said, make sure you read the forum rules. Toy lines are covered by copyright as well, and putting a picture proving you’re breaking the forum rules alongside your picture isn’t exactly helping yourself is it.

Edit: And swearing is also against the forum rules, we try to keep things as PG as possible around here.

Oh, and for your information few things.

Firstly, the rule against copyrighted characters being posted on the forums was put in place because Jeff, the creator of Heromachine, once got into legal trouble because certain companies felt it was too easy to infringe their copyright with Heromachine and tried to sue Jeff and get Heromachine taken down. We take the rule seriously because we don’t want the site to disappear.

Secondly, I do have a job, thank you very much, a very stressful one, and I do this is my free time. So I don’t appreciate people doing things to break rules when stuff is laid out plainly for people to read and isn’t hard to understand.

Thirdly, being Keymaster means I have access to something called the “Ban Hammer”. So if you a) continue to talk in such a tone to anyone in the community, not just myself, and b) breaking the forum rules, you will find it incredibly difficult to create a new thread. Understood.

Thank you and have a nice day.