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Name: Lee Radsion
A.K.A. Red Sun
Powers: Lee’s Event power is his ability to communicate with and control electronic/ mechanical devices .
Armor/ Skill/equipment alien device that has been absorbed into his body, the object is able to tap into energy from a distant star.
Bio: Lee is a former U.S. Navy Seal, Lee’s seal team was on a mission in the dessert of Iran when they recovered the device. Lee using his “Event” Power was able to interact/interface with the device, which bounded to him both mentally and physically. Using the device Lee is able to draw seemly limitless power/energy from the distant star Which can be use for a variety of effects, including energy projection,increase his strength to super human levels, flight, force field projection, he can use the energy to form constructs of anything he can think of ( however he very rarely uses this power)
Lee was used by the U.S. Navy as a secret strike weapon.Known by the code name of Dark Predator, At the end of the Iraq war Lee was recruited to work for C.O.P.S ( Commission Over Paranormals and Supers)