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First off I would like to congratulate Keric on the last contest. You did a good job. I was actually choking when I saw your entry. Secondly you forgot to post a day and time for when the contest is due. Anyways here my piece with a little story. Good luck Herr D and hopefully to anyone else who may enter.

Morbid is a dedicated bounty hunter who takes on any bounty as long as the bounty allows him to kill. For every victim that Morbid kills he collects their scalp as a trophy. Morbid keeps his own hair cut as short as he can for fear that someone will kill him and take his scalp. So you better be careful what crime you commit or Morbid could be coming for your scalp next.

I used the glasses for his eyes, I use the standard shoulder piece for the top part of his belt, and the hair I used for one of the scalps on the wall.