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CDC- Your Choice of Sides

Valriya Olshenskya was a brilliant, daring pilot and a member of Russia’s Regiment 588. One night while on a bombing run, she crashed behind enemy lines. Only escaping her plane with her knife, sidearm, and a handful of bullets, she escaped into the forest with the Germans hot on her heels. She managed to evade them for over a month, scavenging what she could, but unable to get past the enemy line. Eventually her luck ran out and she ran right into a group of SS soldiers. She shot two before taking cover, nearly out of ammunition. As she debated her final stand, Major Patriot appeared at her side, on a mission of his own. Together they were able to defeat their foes, but Valriya was hit in the process. She woke in an Allied hospital a week later. The doctor had injected her with an experimental serum to accelerate her healing, but left her able to manipulate kinetic energy. She could slow a bullet to a crawl, or speed it up to explode, and she herself could run, jump, and react much faster than normal. Learning she’d been declared dead by her superiors, she joined Major Patriot on covert missions, taking the name Night Witch to honor her sisters of the air that she’d left behind. She was pilot, sniper, and backup to Major Patriot. Attention would always be on him, allowing her to work without being seen.

Life after the war became difficult for Valriya, who had moved to the U.S. Initially hailed as a hero, these feelings turned to suspicion as the Cold War took hold, even though she now went by Valerie and had married an American man (a fellow soldier she’d met during the war). During the 1970’s, Major Patriot retired, naming Valriya as his successor. Her aging had slowed since she’d been given the serum, and she gladly took her old friend’s mantle. She is committed to honoring and continuing his ideals, no matter what the political climate.


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