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Cliff, I’m liking the evolution on the characters that are getting updates!

Size Queen- Both costumes are great, but the upgrade is much more appealing. I also like the triangle insignia better as it seems ‘cleaner’ and fits better on the costume. I like his powers (my next pic will be a ‘shrinker’), lots you can do if you can grow and shrink.

I love the background scene. Wonderful colors in that scene and the trees are really well done.

KaleidoscopeKid- I’m loving the new costume! Great job there, Cliff. If I may suggest some additional possibilities for powers, I would suggest as he concentrates on the Heart chakra he could use that to channel healing powers (thus making him an invaluable teammate anywhere he goes). Focusing on his Root chakra could grant him some increased strength (surrounding his arms/legs in a red based aura). Just some ideas.