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My wife was discussing Chakras with a couple of friends and had touble remembering the colors/order.

I remindeg her of the color mnemonic: ROY G. BIV
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet,
then  I made this little helper using a HM3 of futuristic super-hero I liked and played a version in our RPG

He was born on another planet and worked as an assistantat at a local laboratory . Its current project was conducting research on the nature of energy. While in the lab, he was struck by a beam of light from another dimension and received the power to alter any electromagnetic property or organic and inorganic objects and beings. His first feat was to change the frequency and wavelength of an object. As a result, the object reflected light differently and took on a new color.

He applied for a membership in a Super Hero team but was rejected on the basis that it seemed his power was useless in a fight. He believed it was because he chose the wrong colors to display.

He joined a smaller Hero team and learned to expand his color control abilities.

Unfortunatly he did learn draining all the color from a pestering person and leaving him albino white on a desert could give the person 3rd degree burns.

After working out, combat training and more training in his powers he once again tried out for the large superhero group’s tryout, but once again didn’t make it.
He barrowed a time machine from the group and went back to the 20th century to prove himself, as several other members had done.

There he got a job as a light technician at a gay dance club where he arrived and prevented a bashing and called himself Hugh Specturm to not be found in the timeline.

Hugh was a social and friendly person, being optimistic and even flamboyant at times he fit in well with the community.

He almost immediatly became a costumed defender called Kalidascope Kid defending the local gay community from the haters, bashers, theives, muggers, gangs, drug pushers, extortinists, arsonists, embezzlers etc and even super villains..

Not only could he change the color of an object at will,
wjich was useful to disguise himself or others through a camouflage it made him very useful on Espionage missons chaging his hair, eye, skin and clothes colors, even camaflague himself nearly invisable, He also could make walls and safes transparent to see through or white out documents or change other colors of objects as he needed.
Kalidascope Kid could blind with black darkness or acute light bursts of blinding color.
He could confuse his opponents by switching between several colors at once as well as hypnotise and create holographic illusions,
He had learned earlier that he could create actual light through day-glow colors and could even create lazer thype beams through intensifying the colrored light.
He could change moods through color and even heal to a degree over time through color therapy and chakra manipulation.
Kalidascope Kid could even change certain things at a sub-molecular level through changing it’s color.
He could also sense the color of things he couldn’t actually see

MOOD MUSIC: All 7 Chakras Healing Meditation Music


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