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I have no idea how to make good transformation-in-progress characters.

I bet i wouldn’t even know how to start, or how to end this kind of character.


i am pretty sure this is one great piece of transformation! I mean, look at it! I can easly imagine him slowly transform thanks to the so fitting geometric transition line between his human and crystal form. Also, i am in love right now with the fact how you made his crystal part of body so reflective and shiny in comparison to the his skin, or anything else!

Background fits great, his armor on mannequin and what he wears now are also well made. Also, i can easly see from where light shines on him, armor, and everything on this piece of creation, you did it so well, so congratulations on that also.

Anyway, as i said, i might know nothing about this kind of creations, but you deserve big and strong (+2) for that!