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@ Suleman and Cliff – I’m hearing you both about the clouds/background. This is still one of my pictures from close to 2 weeks back and I just haven’t had the time to go back and change stuff between working lots of OT and trying to get new pictures finished. I promise to improve backgrounds as I go because your both right and I appreciate the critiques.

Thank you both also for the compliments, much appreciated.

@ Herr D –  That is some good advice. I may have to try and tackle that in the near future. Changing up the angle of light can really push my bounderies. I like the cartwheel and lighting idea!

A few side notes… I think I currently have about 3 characters finished that I can post on these forums before I’m caught up. There is a certain ‘bat’ character which I put a bit more time into (and was heavily suggested by my son) that I can’t post here, but is on my DeviantArt page at tiberius1212 for anyone who is interested.