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Regarding Deviantart: Sure, link yours, the rest of us have done that as well.

Regarding Widow-maker: I can dig it. The pose is nice, and I can see that you thought it through.

The one room for improvement I can spot in both Widow-Maker and Sunburst is the sky in the background. With so much detail in the foreground, the big solid-colored sky sticks out like a sore thumb. If you look at skies irl, there’s some variance in the shades of blue. My advice for your future works is using the gradient items in Background-Shapes to  add some brighter or darker shades. You can also experiment with other kinds of clouds. Some example items would be from Backgrounds-Sky and Backplane-Auras. While I’m not the best at backgrounds, here’s some example pictures where I did that myself:

Other than that, I’ve got no real complaints. Keep it up!