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@ JR – Ok, now you got me interested. I’m going to take a peek at their site and see.

My inspiration for ‘Widow-maker’, as in the name, not the character.. came from my brother-in-law who is a special forces medic that travels with a sniper team. He told me the name Widow-maker is actually the name of a certain sniper rifle, hence me calling that picture what I did.

The character itself was actually described to me in detail from my son Corbin, while I was jogging (he was riding his bike). The character is actually supposed to have slightly super-human accuracy, agility, and speed. She is part of a 6 person superhuman villain group made up of three women and three men. He wanted her in camo with a sniper rifle. The rest was a ‘How does this or that look?” type of thing as we went along.

Ok, I checked the wiki. They currently have like 13 skins for ‘Widowmaker’. I didn’t see any of them with a mask and they all look slightly alien (blue skin) and futuristic. Perhaps there’s another character in that game you’re thinking of, or the Wiki is not up to date.

Ok, you meant the helm on the ground next to her, I see. The skins on wiki don’t show anything in the down position, but it does mention her having a power (infrared or something) when she lowers her visor so that could be it.