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Can I say you sound like a kewl and yet anoying guy?
First off your incredibly humble “still have a lot to learn here with all the ‘tricks’ and neat things that are possible to do with the HM, so be patient with me.”
yeah right. Whatever .

“I used to draw a lot when I was younger”
Very kewl. I did too.

“have been tested with ‘perfect’ color vision”
And here I am legally blind *sigh*

” like to play tabletop RPG’s. There will be some from the Pathfinder game and eventually many that will be for use with a superhero RPG we will soon be trying out.”
I love RPGs
Just recently started playing Pathfinder about a month ago. You might have seen Aulos my Fawn Bard in Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem.
I have played Marvel, Mayfair’s DC, and several other super hero ROGS over the years.

An  the biggest reason I want to kick ya in the gentiles, one moneth and you creations are EXCELLENT. I mean great costume design,  emblem, color, already doing advanced pose and shading.
I have been doing this for … crap 6 years, and ya already way passed me.

I’d hate ya if I didn’t like ya already. 🙂

“Half-Elf Cleric/Paladin of Sarenrae from our Pathfinder game, Vitas.”
Friggin’ beautiful

Same with Thonn, friggin beautiful

Hailia. Great costume,and love the shadow hound particularly the head.

Lil’ Vinny. Love the use of the shades, muschem cigar, chin stubble  skinny body, the untucked shirt, thin arms with forearm hair, the  no dout FAKE Rolex, baggy slacks, dress shoes … then the sad pitiful attempt to be a tough cowboy with a cowboy hat, duster without sleeves (he should know to cover those pittiful arms), and glaves. He has a totally weasel-ly city guy trying to be bowboy look. The simple circle background red desert sand and orage sunset is so effective.

Bolt. He’s pretty awesome as your others. Very dynamic as a Speedster should be.
The lightnning belt and legs are inspired, gets color and effect. I like the shirt cause … well I like men’s chest LOL 😀
I have MINOR nitpics. you might use a mouth with a darker top lip that bottom. and you miight make the lightning thinner, by takeing the outlinme and shifting it to 0 so it would be invisable.

All in All, Superb … and I hate you for it.  🙂