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@ Hawk – Thank you for the kind words and the critique! The characters I’ve posted so far are all ones I’ve completed in my first few weeks of using the Hero Machine. I do have characters coming soon that will be far more ‘posed’ than the ones so far. In fact I just completed two that are in fairly complex poses, so hopefully you will like those even more so.

I’m a bit behind on posting my pictures, but I will catch up to my current level of ability before too long. The reason I am posting these as slowly as I am is because with my busy schedule I can only produce 1 – 2 pictures a week at best, and some of those are things I wanted to try my hand at that can’t be posted here (like a certain ‘bat’ character). So basically I am spreading out the ones I already had made to keep a slightly better pace starting out this thread.

Hopefully when I catch up to current pictures I’ll be faster at making them altogether to make sure I can get a few out a week a bit easier.

Thanks again for the kind words and the advice, both are much appreciated my friend!