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CDC #179 INSPIRED BY MUSIC July 23, 2016

Entry #1
Music: Jonny McGovern “The Gayest Of All Time”


This is satyr Justin McKinney dancing at Elysium during PRIDE week! 🙂

Entry #2
On The Beach – Queen Of The Damned

(the actual core inspiration starts at 1:08- -3:25, although it all works, I

like it best cayuse it has the drum and chanting as well as violen. I

don’t expect you to listen to the other two versions, although all three were the complete inspiration.

After that I would let it go to just the violen
Queen of the Damned – Beach Scene (Original movie soundtrack),

performed by Marissa Licatta,

and then to the movie version with cast
Lestat’s Violin in HD


I was into Elves AND gypsies last week when I created this 🙂

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