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Good luck on school, Lef.

I’m pretty new around here and I am trying to get through the galleries. It’s really nice to look through them as each individual has a great style all their own and the unique ideas each person has to show are quite wonderful.

Looking through your gallery was great.. so many pictures that really get you looking at them. Thank you for the wonderful art we get to see here and I hope you keep adding more.

I’ve lost a few characters myself. The last one was almost completed and so I  made myself do one thing before I ended each ‘session’. I save the current progress. Then I go into save again and go to the text tab. Right click, select all and copy. I then open Notepad and paste. Then in Notepad I ‘save as’ whatever name  currently calling the artwork. Then I drop that file on my desktop so it’s there when I come back for my next session. Just click on it, select all, copy, and paste that into the heroMachines ‘load’ ‘text’.

Unless your computer goes completely under, you’re not losing that progress.