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CDC NATIONAL July 2, 2016

Nikolaos “Nick” Kouros is a High School American track star of Greek decent who made it to the Olympic Track & Feild Team.
Reporters wrote on his wholesome life and polite manners
and the Greek boy born in America comming to his homeland
After winning Gold medals in Athans Greece, he went sight seeing.
In Pan’s cave on Mount Parnitha, north of Athens
he finds a set of old pipes whiuch he picks up and dusts off, once he blows on them a huge half man half goat appears before Nick and calls him by name. The Satyr tells Nick he has been waited for and is chosen to play the pipes for mankind.
He is told to call “IO PAN” which the boy does and suddenly begins to transform into a Satyr himself.
Nick discovers he has all the abilities and skills of a powerful satyr, heightened sencses, agility, endurance
as well as the pipes and the power it focuses through the songs he plays.

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