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WINNER CDC #173 Musical  -June 10, 2016

“Blue Devil” Giles Black
if there is a type of blues that exists, “The Blue Devil” Giles Black has put his own heart into it.
A blues guitarist, singer, songwriter of undetermined age traveling all across the US Giles Black was something of a black sheep, always into trouble if not actually being the scource of it.
No one knows where he’s originally from, but you can guarentee if there is Blues around “The Blue Devil” will be there with booze by his side.
Giles is of unknown race, but seems a mix of races, most possibly black and white or hispanic.
“The Blue Devil” seems to have been around since the beginning of the Blues, some think the Blue Devil is a title given/or taken by one after another of the Blue Devils’ offspring or desirous students or fans of which there are reported to be many.
Those who believe in mysticism and occultism talk about The Blue Devil being the personification of the blues.
Some speak of him fearing the havoc which surrounds him treating him like a misunderstood banshee believing he brings death when he is only the herald of it. Actually it seems to be the melancholy and/or depression which guarantees the arrival of The Blue Devil
While not the source of the blues he may well be the avatar of it. all the emotion giving over to a physical manifestation.

Here he is in a typical dive, not too different from the original juke joints, the place thick with atmosphere and cigarette smoke with beer spills on the floor as well as on the walls

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