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CDC #171 Public Domain Aquatic – May 27, 2016

OK I was originally looking for a scantally clad hero, whose supprised by this who knows me?

and I found Barry Kuda in an orange tarzan/stongman outfit.
But I LOVE the name it is like something I would come up with.
It is really the only thing I kept the same about him.

He supposedly only had water breathing according to the write up.

Yet obviously he must have had hyper swimming, as well as some other powers, so I gave him the “Aquatic package”:Thermal Vision to see in the murky depths,
Heightened Strength,
Heightened Toughness,
Heightened Speed all to help him deal with the depths and pressure of deep sea survival.I gave him Teeth & Fins keeping in line with his baracuda name sake,
exchanging it for the heros original spear,

I actually covered him up far more than the original, I gave him a suit more like a baracuda’s markings with a dark blue back and side with stripes along his sides

I figured the punny name coupled with the somewhat fearsome look put him in the violent yet funny genre like Lobo and Deadpool even though those types are NOT my favorites.

so here he is … MY interpretation of Barry Kuda:

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