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CDC ALIEN(N)ATION ♯161- March 19, 2016

Entry #1
Created for a Star Trek game we played. I had a Medical Officer who was an Atlantiadian.

Atlantiadian is an arboreal world similar to Sherwood Forest, Winath (Legion of Super Heroes)
Kashyyyk or the Forest Moon of Endor (Star Wars)

Atlantiadians are a Hermaphroditic race with only one androgynous gender.

Here is Ambassador Rin SoLon (almost all of Atlantiadian names are a one syllable first name followed by a two syllable second name with the first and Second syllable capitalized)and a poor orphaned urchin.

Entry #2

(I realize my first Entry may be too human looking, This is a more alien race I came up with for a RPG of egion of Super Heroes (DC by Mayfair) we played quite a while back. Nimbus was the Character name, not the race name back then. I never really focused on the race. This gave me the opportunity to.)


Willy the Whisp
Willow Wisp
Fairy Fire

An entity resembling a floating ball of light that can emit light from pulses to blasts

can talk through morse code like flashes, humans who spend time and get to know Nimbi seem to gain an understanding telepathy with them.

Nimbi eat and heal through energy absorption of sunlight and starlight

No material body
are suject to some types of energy protect themselves or others close to them with stunning, searing or damaging blasts

there seems to be no discernble gender, and Nimbi themselves declare there is not. But some mult-gender races such as humans swear that some that they identify as male glow blue, while “female” have a slight purple tinge to them as if pink is added, this seems to be a myth though.

two Nimbi court though a beautiful areal dance
spiraling around each other, drawing in toward one another they send pulses of light into one another, until one pleys the receptive roll absorbing the energy from the projective one. eventually there is a build up of energy untill there is an overload and a small explosion produces a smaller eaker Nimbus.

A young Nimbus is smaller than an adult and seems to have a number of flashes points for the solar year of it’s ageas they grow to maturity they grow to their maximum size and brilliance as they mature into old age they continue to age flash points, but begin to dim in brilliance and size.

(I have some more I came up with today, but don’t have time to type it yp here, and I suppose this is enough, so I might post the rest here on Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem later)


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