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Here’s a character I created for one of our RPG group members. She basically gave me a summary of the characters looks and after a few quick phone calls and texts during the creation process, we got her all finished.

This character is a caster who specializes in Shadowy magic, with some Illusory magic mixed in. I had some really cool ideas for this character, but my friend said she didn’t want her to look evil and she wanted me to make sure I added in her leather armor pieces (since casters don’t often wear armor).

The dagger is magical in nature and will, upon command, float in the air around her to protect her while she is casting spells. The eye symbol is there to represent the magic that is controlling the dagger while it’s active. I didn’t get fancy with the dagger, because we wanted the dagger to be seen just for illustration purposes.

The hound is something she can summon from another dimension (shadow) for a short time each day if needed.

So, here is Hailia.

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