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@Cliff- Firstly, thanks. Secondly, despite being a cross-dresser, Chris still identifies as male (and straight, mostly), so you should technically refer to him as he rather than she. But anyways….

Originally this was going to be a selfie with Vanessa holding the camera, but I just couldn’t get the angling on the arm to work.

Anyway, Chris isn’t entirely comfortable with people knowing about Kaitlin yet, but Vanessa just loves taking pictures of her handy-work, much to Chris’ embarrassment. He’s especially self-conscious about pictures where he is wearing a bra and padding (such as this one). He originally didn’t wear bras, but curiosity got the better of him one day and he tried on one of his sisters. Unfortunately for Chris, Vanessa caught him and insisted on going out and buying him some of his own, which he know feels obliged to wear even though he finds them incredibly uncomfortable.

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