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I love Chris/Kaitlin and how she is progressing. Love the hair, face, figure, clothes and story so far. The vulnerable unsure expression, then the hair change, and slight make-up and more assured, happier face with the slight shift to more female clothes.

I remember wrapping sheets around me toga fashion, then eventually dressing in my Mom’s clothes after school before Mom & Dad got home after work. Of course there were drag Halloween costumes after I moved out from home, and when I moved to Dallas an old boyfriend was with a dragqueen who became my drag-mother and taught me everything and I joined the Court to help raise money for chairites.
There is something very liberating putting on wig, make-up, a dress, jewelry and pumps.
One night I wore my own hair parted down the middle, some girl makeup, my wife’s pantsuit and a pair of flats, I was with my wife and my boyfriend at the time who was in FULL DRAG. We went to Buddie’s, a lesbian bar, Dixie Leigh was ignored, I got picked up by a dyke who came up and said “Hi, I’m Mur-a-lan (Marilyn)” and she wanted to dance with me.I loved to dance and Madonna’s Express Yourself was on so I danced with her and had fun. During the song Marilyn said, “I’ll take my girlfriend home and come back ….” I honest to RuPaul said “Oh goodness look at the time, I have work in the morning …. gotta go” and we left. Dixie was furious i got picked up and she didn’t, Thing was she LOOKED like a drag queen, I looked real heh.

Back to you …. I like Vanessa too, glad Kaitlin has someone to help her learn fashion, hair and makeup and just someone to be there for her. Vanessa has a great look, can’t wait to seem some more of her style and how much rubs off on Kaitlin.