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Chris Seers, also known as Kaitlin, is a cross-dresser. Raised by less than understanding parents, he was always a very introverted and quiet child and a prime target for bullies. To cope with this, he turned to crossdressing as a way to escape being himself, encouraged by his more supportive elder sister, who helped buy Chris clothes as he was too embarrassed and anxious about buying them himself. He now lives with his sister after his father found out about his “hobby” and was, shall we say, actively against the idea (violently so in fact).

Also, men’s fashion is utterly boring. I don’t do male characters often anymore and that’s the reason. With female characters, you’ve got so much variety, but guys it’s just shirt/ t-shirt and jeans with maybe a coat/ jacket or hoodie. So is it any wonder that when I do actually get round to doing a male character, he’s a crossdresser?

Oh and you can see “Kaitlin” on the last page

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