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Born in Boston in the year 1912 Doctor Thomas Armstrong was amongst the most naturally gifted men to ever live. An exceptional multi-sport  athlete in college, an Olympic hopeful, and a trained fighter of sport and street his physical gifts were surpassed only by his mental ones. His intellect allowed him to to earn what one reporter described as “More degrees than a blowtorch”, in the fields of medicine, engineering, history, literature, and a whole host of sciences. He had a photographic memory and was a polyglot able to make himself understood nearly anywhere in the world. In the 30’s he traveled the world seeking adventure and experiences and ended up fighting tyrants, gangsters, mad scientists, spies, and Nazi fifth-columnists long before his country actually entered the conflict. During the war he was recruited by the OSS at the rank of major and was in charge of several deep penetration missions to capture or destroy advanced Nazi technologies, and when given the time advised on The Manhattan Project. After the war he participated, though unwillingly, in operation paperclip, the recruitment of former Nazis into allied services. In 1953 he worked on a private cryogenics experiment but was only able to obtain himself as a test subject. Unfortunately his, at the time, prototype zero-point stabilizer failed after the freezing leaving his revival nonviable at the time. Decades later an archaic cryotube is discovered within a government warehouse still powered and running. the label on the tube reads “Doc Armstrong“.


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