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@Cliff- Cheers dude. Few things. 1. Lili’s the only one with a hoodie that is most definitely a Not Venom hoodie, Danni doesn’t have one (it’s a shot of Lili with the hood up and the hood down, might be worth opening it in a new tab because you’ll be able to zoom in). 2. With Bast, the costume would have looked way too bland if it was just black, so I made her a Black and White cat, with some gold because why not. 3. Namine Ritsu an UATUloid (a type of Japanese vocal synthesiser program given characters to identify the individual voices, like Vocaloids). None of the UATUloids have appeared in any anime as far as I’m aware, but the style is very simmular, because the designs for the characters are of Japanese origin. But Ritsu’s character is one to google, the backstory give to the character is mental.