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Hey JR

Hearts Laid Bare was a wonderful work of art. the adorable face and pose were off the charts.

Loved Danni’s new design, and her and Liolli’s matching NOT Venom hoodies! lol 😀


The Family portrait with Sam was lovely, well done and all warm and cuddly.


Yoour Bast was great, I was nervous going up against her.

I do say the white stripe in the middle of a black cat did have a touch of skunk to it. But was FAR from stinky.

Your Magician was gloriously creepy.

and Congratulations on your Hanged Man win!

Shockingly I have not gotten into anime for some reason, so I don’t know Namine Ritsu, but Kaitlin Seers is great the hair, face, cuteness factor, fashion and execution are all flawless!


On responding, I haven’t responded much or even looked at the Forums, since my last Hospital stay, I’ll go into on my page. But I amdit, I got to where I didn’t know if I should comment on the Character Contests. Some people can take things wrong, or hurt if not everyone is included, plus I KNOW I can get too verbose, look at this post heh heh. But I will try to do better cuz I friggin love this community.