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Herr D

“Thrill Ride 823” XTS, the extreme sports company, realized they would schedule their 823rd event on 8/23. So they had this idea. Skydivers would jump from barnstormers minutes before a thunderstorm. As the barnstormers would peel away, the skydivers would go from the drop zone to land on pre-parked rocket-carts. The first contestant to get through the obstacle course, including a water hazard, a stunt course, and a naturally occurring cave, would win. Eight of ten of the contestants caught their parachutes on fire and were put out with desert sand and gusto from the crowd. Bobby “Brrzerk” Zerk crashed in the stunt course for a second place, allowed to borrow a regular skateboard to complete the stunt course and run the rest of the way. The winner was Rory “Roars” McTavish, the crowd favorite since he jumped with the chute harnessed to a dragon costume, which he finished the race in, despite completely demolishing the head of it against the wing of his plane. But then, things like that do make a crowd favorite.

*hair became flamejets, monocles became casters, and the horse made a great dragon costume base complete with parachute harness.