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Blue Blazer

Alias: Hardcore
Real Name: Tony Barone
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: increase the density of his body, or any one part of his body
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Dynamos Strike Force
Other Aliases: The Bullet
Status: active
In his mid- to late-20’s Tony was an amateur boxer and the widower father of a son, Matthew. Tony was known in the boxing circuit as “The Bullet,” because of his mighty punches and the solidity of his body. Often in fights he needed only one good punch to knock out his foe. Tony taught his son the values of honor and truth, hoping that the boy would grow up not having to fight for money.

Tony’s brutal punches seemed to get stronger and more powerful over time, until the day that he paralyzed a challenger. It was then that he was asked to resign as the Bullet, as he had become such a liability.

Thrown into depression, Tony began to drown himself in alcohol, paying less and less attention to his son Matthew. Over time, Matthew fell in with a Caligo gang, becoming a criminal as a young man. One night, he was killed in a dispute with a rival gang. Awakened from his drunken haze, Tony swore vengeance on all criminals.

He learned that he had achieved such a powerful punch and thick body through a subconscious densifying of his flesh. He can cause his entire body, or just one body part, to solidify and become heavier. This helps him keep from being knocked down, avoid injury, and deliver a walloping blow with his fists. After a few months, Tony learned to consciously activate his mutant power, and began using it in the fight against evil in Caligo.

After a short solo stint as Hardcore, Tony sought out and was accepted by the Dynamos Strike Force.