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i’m not the commenter you are looking for. And that might be good, since there is a chance that it will suprise you and make happy. At least i hope that will happen. Anyway, a moment ago i decided to check forums after ages of not doing so, and this is first thing i noticed. Anyway, i got something for you, feedback! Not just one, but two, about two seperate things.

Art/picture feedback:

Would never think to use these items as pillows (+1)

No big flaws (at least i can’t find any) (+1)

natural-looking pose (+1)

great bedding-bending effect (not sure how to name it in english) under her legs (+1)

She looks nice, as most of characters you create (+1)

shading is good, but for me the belly seems to be not shaded at all, and that makes my shading-must-be-everywhere-until-everything-is-black-like-black-hole-in-darkness-of-cold-and-deadly-space sense tingle like crazy (+1 and -0,5 = 0,5?)

overall, good work (+0,9)

And now…
Sad-Text-Under-art/image feedback:

reading this made me sad (-1)

really sad (-1)

someone hug the sadness out of me (-1)

You managed to made me think about forum and comunitty (+1)

you managed to remind me that comments are important (+1)
You managed to made me think why i actually don’t comment on forums (+1)

you managed to scare me with community-falling-apart stuff (-1)

you managed to made me think if i should start commenting on forums (+1)


I really feel bad now for not commenting, while i often quietly demanded other people to comment my stuff. Not promising anything (no magic-fueled-change-of-heart there), but i will try to not forget again about forums. Gonna try to comment stuff the people are dropping here. Maybe i wont be lazy to the point where i don’t even have willpower to write few comments here and there.

Ps. its my second try in writing this. At first try, i got logged out while writing, and all text got deleted

Ps2. sorry for bad grammar

Ps3. its 01:11 at night at my place. That’s how much you made me write this comment. Stop writing depressing stuff, or i might not be able to sleep at all ;_ ;