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Something else. Feedback would be appreciated.

Funny thing is, I’ve had this finished for over a week, I just couldn’t be bothered to post it up here, mainly because no-one comments anymore, not just on my thread, but in general. People post a picture a day and no-one reacts. I know I’m guilty of that to some extent, but still. It doesn’t help that some of the best commenters have disappeared. I haven’t seen DiCicatriz, DeliriousAl, Linea24, Jeimuzu, Nug or Stutle around for ages. Add on top of that how truly aweful the response to everything on the blog has been over the last few months (with the exception of a few lists) and you get the feeling that the community is starting to fall apart. And that’s sad, considering how amazing this community used to be, both before the UGO split and for the first two or so years afterwards. But now people seem to be loosing interest I guess.

Anyway, sorry for getting all depressing and stuff. Guess I’m just in a bad mood.

JR out.

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