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Hi JR! It certainly has been a while! Uni’s going well although it’s very demanding of my time and mind! I think I’ll hang around for some time, art is very helpful to get rid of stress. Lot’s of nice pieces here since my last visit!

Love the make up on Savage.


Thanks! I love when makeup artist mix trashy or savage looks with excessive luxury, I find the contrast pleasing.

I’ll try to answer the questions I haven’t seen, even if they’ve been posted for over a year (sorry guys):

May I ask what part(s) you used to make the rain in “I Will Protect You” ?

: I used a spoted floor part if I remember correctly. I put the opacity of the lines and of the floor’s background to 0, keeping only the spots somewhere around 30% opacity.

I absolutely adore the lighting!

: Thanks! I wanted her to have a silvery look, to make it feel as if she’s emitting the moon’s light.

Viper and Nug: Thank you!^-^It’s appreciated!

Thank you all for your nice comments, and I’ll try to finish the hacker and the dryad sometime soon!