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CDC- Public Domain Amalgams

Iron Skull:


Crossed together to create: Iron Butterfly!

Marian Michaels was a soldier gravely wounded in combat. She was brought to a special hospital in Chicago, where she underwent extensive reconstructive surgery; her body augmented with cybernetics. Her new components gave her enhanced strength and durability, and a limited sense of telepathy. Once restored, she worked closely with the doctor who had ‘rebuilt’ her (Dr. Genevieve Watson) to add other augments that would aid her new purpose: fighting crime. Powerful strobe lights were installed in her limbs and eyes that could blind an enemy, further focused and reflected by a pair of superlight metallic wings that folded into her arms and torso. Also added to her back was a new, prototype jetpack that, along with her wings, allowed her to fly. As a cover, Marian now performs as a cabaret singer in The Garden of Eden club, where she keeps her ears open for gossip and tips that can help her cause.

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