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Herr D

“We all thought One-Legged Dave had gone nuts, what with losing his leg to the monsters. He burned out a power drill winding up all that copper into the black trash chute lining and stole a car battery we were going to use for another car. He was moving stuff from one end of the old dock to the other when THEY came back again. Everyone else on the dock dove into the water. Not him! He pulled out that “coil gun” as he called it later, plugged it into the car battery, and opened that box of metal parts he’d SAID he needed to fix engines. He just waved that tube on a stick around and the steel sprayed the monsters. Poked holes in ’em and brought ’em down. Then he wheeled up to them, waved it just right, and collected the nuts and bolts and iron filings and bits of flatware and fishhooks and broken knives into a bucket of oil. And back into the monsters that were still moving. Then he dipped it down into the water and sprayed the metal he’d missed with back into the bucket. Waved it again and tore the metal out of the ones limping at him into the others coming at him.

“He got nearly sixty of ’em BY HIMSELF. They couldn’t see him very well with the fog rolling in, and his weapon is completely silent. Just the screams of the dying monsters. Dave said later he gets somewhere over twice the flux of an old MRI unit with the right power and all those coils. I guess he knows–I can’t follow him when he talks physics.”



The “Dob” beetle is too fast for regular shutter speed on a regular camera, as evidenced by this blurred image. Migratory and British invasive, , this specimen was headed back to where it once belonged in the most unusual weather, a tangerine sky. It normally infests the Sergeant Pepper plant, but will accept lotus, discarded polyester or vinyl, or acid-washed denim. Has a noticable aversion to rye.

*pop-spmdob –This effect was produced by typing “Sir P. M. 6-18-42” in various fonts, stretching and shrinking and spinning and layering and coloring them. Djuby SAID to use that information to make the image–I used almost nothing else.