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CDC- Musical

Rather than do another version of my music-inspired hero, The Sentinel, I created a new hero for that universe named Subsonic.  Long bio ahead:

James Flynn was a regular guy who liked skateboarding and extreme sports. One night while ripping through what he thought was an abandoned warehouse, he was captured by agents of the organization known as F.E.A.R (Facility for Exohuman Advanced Research). Their goal was to create a counter-measure to the heroine The Sentinel, and Flynn found himself ‘volunteered’. After six months of experiments and tinkering with his genetic code, Flynn was able to escape using his new powers. He had been turned into what amounted to a human tuning fork. Contact with his body produces a musical note, and because he was designed as a weapon, the vibrations from the sound is released mainly through his limbs. A casual brush would produce a small chime, while a loud clap or stomp creates a thunderous bass and devastating shockwave.

He found freedom difficult. Unsure of how to control his powers, he caused several incidents and a great deal of damage, which brought him onto The Sentinel’s radar. She found him eventually, huddled in an alley, too afraid to move for fear of causing more damage or injury. She took him in and helped him learn his powers, putting him also in contact with her friend Dr. Amelia Elliott, who helped him create a suit that would allow him to function in the world again. The suit is insulated with an advanced set of electomagnets that help to contain his powers, as well as retractable gloves and face shield. He began to accompany Lita in crime fighting as The Sentinel’s companion, determined to get revenge for what F.E.A.R did, and how it made everyone think he was dead. The only downside? The nicknames. There was Bass Master, All About the Bass, the Ace of Bass, and of course (and Lita’s favorite), Dubstep. But they make a formidable team; James’ thundering beats complementing Lita’s sonic screams.

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