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With bug people as prolific as they are in my little make-believe world, it was really only a matter of time before exterminators showed up.

The Extermi Nation are a small but growing group of extremists who have taken it upon themselves to eradicate the ever increasing number of bug people who, they believe, are a threat to the safety of normal people. Their primary target is The Ant Queen and her followers but they’re not above attacking even those considered heroes like Dragonfly and Vespa.

Lacking any kind of real, coherent leadership, the Extermi Nation are often wild and reckless in their attacks and often put the very people they claim to be protecting in harms way to achieve their end goal.

At the moment, this group is small and disorganized but if they ever find a talented leader, the insectoid population of the world could face a serious threat.

Extermi Nation Soldier

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