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CDC- Shade It

The demoness Threlx. Created by the Dark Ones by combining their own essences with that of mortal creatures, they were abandoned by their gods when the last war was lost to the Light. Since then, they have built their city and way of life far from others in the caverns of a mountain and the surrounding area, alone. Where once feral, they became a deeply introspective culture with unique styles of art, writing, and a close devotion to family.  When the Dark Ones rose again, the demons allied with them out of obligation before learning the truth. The Dark Ones cared nothing for their children, and sought to return them to their bestial nature for their own ends. Upon learning this, the demons devised a dangerous plan: appeal to the Warriors with this knowledge and withdraw from the war, turning their attention to protecting their people and home. Threlx, a noble and eloquent Mother (leader) volunteered herself, knowing the fate of her people and all they had built rested upon her.

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