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Camila was orphaned at a young age and was made to take on the responsibility of her younger brother and sister. The trio barely scraped by, living in the slums, making a living through stealing and small jobs. Eventually a chance meeting with a rich scientist led Camila to volunteer herself for medical experiments in exchange for a place to stay for her family.

A serum was injected into her and allowed her to develop amazing abilities. This ‘Zenith Serum’ granted her peak human speed, skills, reflexes, strength, senses and delayed aging. It also allowed her mind to work at great speeds, allowing her to learn and understand concepts greater than a normal person.

Her enhanced thinking abilities led her to grasp the situation at hand and understand that the experiments were not as innocent as they seemed and with her family as leverage she had resolved to leave the facility and ensure that the discovery was halted here. After escaping and destroying the serum and all learning involved she fled with her family, finding a place to stay with Beacon. Under their protection she seeks to end the schemes of the shady corporation that sought to create the Zenith Serum.

She went on to join The Command as a representative of Brazil, serving as an apprentice of sorts under Cypher.