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This was inspired by Venom of Marvel but this character is NOT from Marvel’s universe in anyway, but my own universe. This symbiotic creature was birthed from pure black matter from another dimension. To survive, this symbiotic creature has to bond with new hosts daily, or it could die. This symbiotic creature also absorbs the personalities and memories of each person it bonds with, therefore making it more psychotic and dangerous. When bonded to a person, this symbiotic creature has super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, speed, endurance, sonic scream, razor sharp claws, ability to wall-climb, super sense (similar to what Spiderman has but stronger), can use tendrils as razor sharp whips and grappling, regenerative healing and can regenerate from a single cell and it can also turn the texture of its body into either poison or acid and when in acid form, its immune to fire. Its only known weakness is water and to an extent, even fire and long separation from a host could also kill it. The name I decided to give to this symbiotic creature is, “Vain.”

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