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A random costume experiment for Icon because I ended up hating the last one.

Since leaving The Nowhere Kids, Icon has learned that she is actually a descendant of the original American Dream (and a second cousin of Knockout). This prompted her to follow in her great grandmother’s footsteps for a while, serving the United States as a fully sanctioned hero. Which was quite different from her time on the run with the Nowhere Kids.

During this time, Icon earned a reputation as a strong and talented hero and gained the respect of many of her peers. Unfortunately, she also learned that she was being manipulated by her handlers in an attempt to track down her former friends in The Nowhere Kids. Though some of the kids already believed her to be a traitor, Icon wanted no part in the plan to bring in the runaways, knowing full well that they had good reasons to be in hiding.

Icon abandoned government handlers and now finds herself at another crossroads. No longer supported by the government and unable to return to her friends, Icon is alone but still trying to live up to the legacy of American Dream.


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