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Oooohh, isn’t he (it?) sweet? Watching over her sleep. How adorable…

I know, right? I’ll send him your way if you’d like 😀

Name: 13
Age: 1 year from assembly
Height: 7’7
Homeworld: Sanctum
Occupation: Former TRI warbot, Leader of a faction of renegade warbots
Affiliation(s): His fellow warbots
Bio: Built to bolster the ranks of the TRI army, Unit 13 was but one of many. But when a lowly engineer decided to test out an artificial emotion chip on 13, everything changed. Anger towards the deaths of fellow warbot models that were just seen as expendable weaponry, and a deep regret for carrying out the atrocities for which he and his fellow warbots were used made him realize he was not willing to die like a puppet but rather live. After the engineer that installed the chip in 13 was executed for “treasonous acts”, 13 decided to rebel from the army, and free his “brothers” in the process. Some went with 13, others were given orders to attack. After reluctantly fighting his way out of the TRI military facility, 13 and his fellow survivors fled far from the location. 1 year later, 13 is still wanted for treason, and The Triumvirate just hired a new group of mercenaries to take him and his fellow renegades down.

“I am more than this… I am more than a puppet” – 13