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When the founding five members of The Nowhere Kids (Watchdog, Fever, The Web, Vertigo and Sidestep) found themselves thrust forward in time to the near future, they found a widespread disaster that their own actions had inadvertently created.

They also found a future version of Fever, who was now calling herself The Black Guardian.

This older Fever had learned that her power, which normally made her touch poisonous to others, could also be used to heal. This was the greatest news the younger Fever had heard in years.

With the help of The Black Guardian, the Nowhere Kids found their way back to their own time, determined to stop the horrible vision of the future they had seen from coming to pass.

But, unbeknownst to them all, Fever’s future self had followed them back through the timestream. She has gone into hiding in the modern world and only time will tell what her goals truly are.

Fever (The Black Guardian)

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