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With Sarah being a personal trainer and Lili being a closet fitness nut, the two obviously work out together, with Sarah acting as Lili’s personal trainer as well. However, their workouts aren’t always the usual running on a treadmill and lifting some weights. Both have a history in partaking in combat sports, so at least one day a week they will devote to Mixed Martial Arts training. Whilst at uni, Lili took up kickboxing as a way to encourage herself to keep fit and active, whilst Sarah is a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Judo, both of which she learnt while she was growing up, and both are learning Muay Thai. Sarah says that the martial arts training is a good way to round out a workout regime, as it promotes a high level of fitness and conditioning, bringing together all of the rest of the exercises done during the week.
It is safe to say that, when the two spar, it is always Sarah who comes out on top. Lili just can’t compete with Sarah’s higher stamina and better co-ordination. It also didn’t help at first that Lili has to wear contact lenses to prevent her glasses from breaking, which she wasn’t used to and irritated her. Fortunately, she’s got used to the contact lenses and the googles Sarah got her after one of her contacts fell out after a nasty bump.
So yeah, mess with Sarah and you’re getting your arse handed to you.

Also suffice to say, Danni isn’t exactly enthusiastic about her wife and her best friend beating the living hell out of each other, so she’s made them promise to keep the sparring to a minimum.

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