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Alias: The Dark

Real Name: Nolan Wilson
Affiliation: Villain
Power/ Skills: Has the “Event” given power to open doors into   alternate dimensions, parallel universes

Special weapons/Tools / Armor: The Bio-Energy material he controls

From the time Nolan 1st found his powers/ abilities, he has used them to seek riches,and treasure from the worlds he has encountered.  Nolan has many times stolen items that are of advanced  Technology, and claimed them as his own. During a visit to one world Nolan came into contact with the  “the darkness” which appears to be a semi-   sentient being that is both energy and organic in nature. It uses Nolan’s body for entrance into our plane of reality, it feeds on heat energy , and gives Nolan enhanced strength.the darkness can project it self as energy delivering blast to opponents or drain heat energy, it also has the ability to extend “arms” to use for lifting, holding,, etc…