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And which region did he do best in and which is the best anime season? Sinnoh, where the only Pokemon that left his team was the Aipom he traded away for a Buizel and he actually evolved his Pokemon. It’s like they have this pathological fear of Ash actually being a good trainer. He goes for almost ten years without releasing a Pokemon and then he trades away the best Pokemon he’s ever had. At least he has a Noivern now. I’m expecting it to be released in 10 episodes time. (Not sarcasm). Oh and also, once the Florges had stopped terrorising the area (btw, Goodra, as much as I love it, cannot beat Florges in any universe with the move set Ash’s had. Maybe with Iron Tail, but not with Ice Beam) and Team Rocket had blasted off again, who did Goodra need to protect the marshlands from anyway?

I hate Pokemon sometimes. Love the games, the anime is mostly rubbish.

Also, Archibald? No-wonder he likes brooding so much. And I’m surprised he didn’t disown his parents before they disowned him. Archibald? *shakes head*