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Random Facts: Lili & Danni
-Lili has always wanted a full sleeve tattoo but has never got one because she can’t come up with a design she likes.
-Sarah is Lili’s personal trainer and work out partner. They may be friends, but Sarah is a very hard taskmaster when it comes to keeping fit, something which isn’t helped by Lili’s love of less healthy food.
-Lili is a biker and owns a Yamaha MT-09, which she adores. Danni doesn’t share the adoration and is much happier driving around in her Ford Fiesta.
-When she was 9, Lili broke her right arm falling out of a tree in the park near her home.
-Lili studied Graphic Design at UWE (University Of The West Of England) in Bristol. While she was there she had her first serious relationship with a Fashion student named Emma.
-Lili collects converses. She also has a few pairs she’s customised herself.
-Whilst Lili does most of the cooking in the household, due to the fact she mostly works from home, the general consensus is that Danni is the better cook of the two. It’s not that Lili is bad, just Danni is very good at interesting flavours.
-Lili is teetotal and hasn’t touched alcohol since uni, where she discovered during freshers week just how bad of a drunk she can be. Or rather, she was told and shown the photos, she doesn’t actually remember that much.
-Lili’s tattoos are a huge bone of contention between her and her mother and Lili has to wear long sleeves whenever she visits. The same went for Lili dying her hair purple, which especially didn’t sit well on her wedding day.
-Lili can play the guitar. She was self taught and mostly learnt using a guitar she borrowed from her brother, Jason. She never went as far as getting formal lessons as she decided she’d rather be an artist than a rockstar.
-During her teens, Lili’s body anxiety grew to such an extreme she developed anorexia. Fortunately, it didn’t last long, as her parents picked up on it rather quickly and she was given counselling and therapy for a number of months.
-Danni had a bit of a hard time figuring herself out, sexuality-wise, and for a time when she was in her early 20’s she did actually date a guy. Although the relationship ended amicably, and the two are still good friends, Danni regrets “experimenting”, even though it helped her realise who she was in that sense.
-When she was pregnant with Sam, Danni developed cravings for chicken flavoured crisps (chips to all you Americans) and yogurt, and could often be found enjoying the two together in some odd sweet/ savoury dip.
-Unlike Lili, Danni enjoys a drink now and then, but she has a very low alcohol tolerance and gets very drunk very quickly. Luckily she’s more of a silly drunk than anything, but she does rely on other more sober people to stop her from doing something stupid.
-Danni has an Aunt and Uncle who live in Australia. The last time she went over to visit them was when she was 11 years old. While she was out there, she came across a spider in one of her shoes as she went to put it on in the morning. She didn’t get bitten, but she did have what can only be described as “a massive hysterical panic attack”. She has since vowed never to go to Australia again.
-The heart locket Danni wears was a gift from Lili’s father when the pair first started dating.
-Despite her and her sisters all being ginger, neither of Danni’s parents were red-heads. Their maternal grandfather was though.
-Lili was Danni’s first proper girlfriend. Due to her shyness around people she doesn’t know, Danni never really dated anyone before Lili and had to rely on her to take more of a lead in the relationship during their first few months together.
-Lili and Danni had known each other and been friends for around 3 years before they started dating. Danni was actually the one to make the first move, but only after she’d gotten so drunk at a friends birthday party that she was almost falling over with every step. Lili had to take her back to her flat and the conversation the next morning was awkward to say the least, and a bit embarrassing for Danni.
-Danni wears her hair long on the right to hide a scar on her temple that she got after falling over whilst playing in her parents back garden as a child and hitting her head on a low wall. She’s very self-conscious about the scar.